Pilgrimage Project

Project Scope

We would like to establish 88 points of pilgrimage and roads connecting them in the coastal areas of the Tohoku Region from Aomori to Fukushima, which was seriously affected by the tsunami resulting from the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. Each of these 88 points will serve not only as a memorial for the deceased but also as a seed of hope for the survivors. We would like to select them through the nomination from the public.

Project Objectives

1.Worshiping the Victims

To worship the victims, we would like many pilgrims to visit the Tohoku 88 points of pilgrimage not only from within Japan but also from all over the world. This follows an example of the 88 points of pilgrimage in Shikoku.

2.Remembering the Tsunami Tragedy

We would like the future generations, even one thousand years from now, to remember the tsunami tragedy. The project will certainly help people remember the disaster and its lessons.

3.Revitalizing Local Economy

The local economy in Tohoku has been devastated by the disaster, including agriculture, fishery, and tourism. The project will help revitalize the local economy, especially by stimulating the tourism sector.

4.Uniting Tohoku beyond Jurisdictional Barriers

Tohoku needs to be united beyond jurisdictions in order to overcome the tragedy. By forming a strong network, we will be able to better manage the disaster risks and achieve our reconstruction. The project is expected to strengthen our network in Tohoku.